Дозвілля ДентАРО

International Dentist Day!

The history of the holiday returns us in the distant third century when the martyr Apollonia was subjected to terrible torture through her religious beliefs. For her heretical thoughts, she teased her teeth, and then burned. From the same time, Apollonius is considered to be the patroness of dentists and dentists. Therefore, when nothing helps,…

Healthy teeth should be for everyone

On February 15, 2018, we were again invited to a meeting in Radyvylivskyi Territorial Territory. In order to attract the students of professional lyceum to oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle. The meeting, organized by a social educator, was primarily aimed at students of the educational institution living in a hostel and should be accustomed to…

New Year! Children’s Corporate!

Children, like nobody else, believe in a fairy tale most and need it! That is why on the eve of the new year, we decided to make the children a real holiday with fabulous heroes, a fairy and a lot of fun contests and fun! At the end of the holiday, all the children received…

New Year! 2018!

Not only do we work at a high level, but also rest! Funny contests, interesting gifts and a sea of positive emotions await us at the end of the year! е                       

Hike to school

This holiday for children ended the trip to the school of children’s dentist Kurich O.M. and the chief doctor of dentistry DentARO Gudyma R.A with the lesson of professional oral hygiene. Olga Nikolaevna, using demonstration models, told and demonstrated how to properly care for her teeth. Our dentists immediately found a common language with the…



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