Presentation of “Tepe” products

The presentations of “Tepe” products from Katerina Paguti, a representative of “Inspe” Company, which took place in the Dental Astronomy Department in Rudilov, were quite productive. Katya has given a great role in her story to the use of interdental brushes. After all, yorzhiki will help maintain the cleanliness of the teeth and avoid the…

Direct artistic restoration of the central group of teeth

Dentistry specialists increase the level of skill. At the initiative of the newly created group “Dentraro Study Club” in Radyvyliv, a lecturer was invited to conduct a master class for the restoration of the frontal group of teeth. 15 dermatologists participated in the master class: from Radivilov city – Gudim Roman, Gudim Solomiya, Gudim Bogdan,…


EXCHANGE OF TOOLS Magic Smile – The harmless and absolute painless technology of teeth whitening. MAGIC SMILE does not damage the enamel, does not affect the chemical structure of the teeth and their strength. Bleaching of MAGIC SMILE is as good as possible without the use of abrasives, acids and ultraviolet light. The duration of…

Dental program and club lecture

Dentraro Study Club Dental program and club lecture   Date Event name Venue Lecturer 13-16.09.17 Dental exhibition Poland Poznan a group of doctors from Dubna 13-16.09.17 Medvine Dental Exhibition Kiev 23.09.2017 Workshop on direct restoration Radyvyliv Kristina Shtuka 05-06.10.17 The club of implantologists Uzhhorod 11.11.2017 Prosthodontics Workshop Radyvyliv Melnik Yaroslav 25.10.2017 Dental Exhibition Gal Espo…

Kurich Olga Nikolaevna is a children’s dentist

Kurich Olga Nikolaevna – children’s dentist: Success in establishing contact with a child – 70% depends on the preparation of the child at home by parents. It’s right to say: “We go to a doctor to look at your teeth,” and not “do not be afraid, nothing will hurt you”



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