Meeting with neighbors!

Since our closest neighbors are the students of Radivilovsky professorship, we decided to visit them to prevent dental diseases. Special attention has been paid by physicians to how to properly care for the oral cavity, which products are useful, and which are harmful to the teeth. They also informed students about the negative impact of…

Aesthetic prosthetics in non-standard situations

On November 25, 2017, the second meeting of the Dentraro Study Club – the group established by Dentaro’s Chief Dentistry Doctor – was held for sharing experience and gaining new knowledge among the dermatologists from different cities of Ukraine. Not only our dentists, but also doctors from Brody, Dubno, Kremenets, Novograd and Kolomyia gathered in…

Hike to school

This holiday for children ended the trip to the school of children’s dentist Kurich O.M. and the chief doctor of dentistry DentARO Gudyma R.A with the lesson of professional oral hygiene. Olga Nikolaevna, using demonstration models, told and demonstrated how to properly care for her teeth. Our dentists immediately found a common language with the…

Presentation of “Tepe” products

The presentations of “Tepe” products from Katerina Paguti, a representative of “Inspe” Company, which took place in the Dental Astronomy Department in Rudilov, were quite productive. Katya has given a great role in her story to the use of interdental brushes. After all, yorzhiki will help maintain the cleanliness of the teeth and avoid the…

Direct artistic restoration of the central group of teeth

Dentistry specialists increase the level of skill. At the initiative of the newly created group “Dentraro Study Club” in Radyvyliv, a lecturer was invited to conduct a master class for the restoration of the frontal group of teeth. 15 dermatologists participated in the master class: from Radivilov city – Gudim Roman, Gudim Solomiya, Gudim Bogdan,…



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