Tooth restoration. ИZirconium implant crowns

Zirconium crown implants 🔩Have restoration to the tooth bar with minimal intervention and investment🙌 💸❗️👉 In this situation, they can be used with a single implant 🔩tooth tooth row ☝️ with two teeth ➡️ this is possible when used high quality titanium implants great 5💯‼ What are 👉 They have a high osteointegration potential for…

Teeth in 48 hours

it seems to us that some things cannot be done in the shortest possible time, but not in our case 😀🌟- бів 12 teeth in 5 implants in 48 hours 👍

orthodontist magician

We really are an orthodontist wizard ‍♂️all age restrictions➖ a patient of 45 years and Gwyn has changed what has been a nuisance all his life👍 💎 After 9 months of treatment, what will be the result ..


For the long-term functioning of the structure, there must be a 👉 absence of a gap between the implant and the crown. previous post)



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