Children return to our clinic with joy ….

Our pediatrician dentist, Olga Nikolaevna, knows how to interest children and help them overcome the fear of curing teeth Children return to our clinic with joy …. We are able to create smiles  Dentaro has everything we need for the treatment of kids #

She began to smile!

She started a smiling photo! Fix the bite system bracket Veneers on lateral cutters

Canadian Medicine Experience …

New technology and the techniques that are allowed to make the procedure of implantation even more comfortable and quick for the patient  To say so  days of internship in Canada   

Tips for parents

Tips for parents! Did you wonder why kids are afraid of going to a dentist, as other doctors go completely calm? ▫️Not a dentist already how “terrible” doctor ??? ▶ When the baby was not afraid to go to a doctor, first and foremost, you should not scare this visit. Ï ï ¨Tomatolog is your…

Vine is an ultra-thin ceramic plate with a thickness of 0.8 mm.

Advantages of veneers over crowns. This allows minimizing the fabric of your own tooth to achieve the aesthetics of color B1 or Bleach Do not neglect the treatment, because quality treatment forever will give you the joy to sincerely and openly smile, feel beautiful and confident.


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