Sedation, and an anesthetic is the same thing?

▫️ In sedation, no drugs are used, but they are mandatory in the narcosis.
▫️ Restoration after sedation takes place much faster, 🕺 does not have a heavy load on the body and deprives the patient of psycho-emotional stress.
▫ If the treatment at the dentist does not cause stress in the patient, then no sedation is required to him. ▫️But if such treatment is stressful, then it will have long-term negative consequences even after decades.
▫️Elders come to treatment for sedation often because they were kept in childhood during childhood during treatment. They did not hurt, treatment was quick, but stress. And now they can not do anything. Only sedation
▫️Session does not take 20 years of life. ✔️♫ After sedation, as a rule, they do not sneeze and do not see hallucinations. In sedation they do not reveal their secrets. And often it happens that they come to the clinic with tears, and after such treatment – they do not want to leave the clinic 🙂 And they continue to become good friends.
▫️ Now the treatment has become even more comfortable — even for children with whom it is difficult to talk
▫️Treatment in one visitplace – without pain and fear, please, smile
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